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The Event Process

“Event medical” is our profession and our services not only come with exceptional medical care, but also experience. Our staff (on average) participate in around 35 events per year, and many of these are multi-day events.

Here is a breakdown of how the process works.


  • A Good place to start is with the pre-event application
  • When we receive the application we will checkin with you to discuss your needs.
  • Deliver a firm quote based upon your budget and needs
  • Define an emergency response plan for the day of your event
  • Attend pre-event meetings and walk-throughs, if requested

Day of event:

  • We arrive early to connect with your event staff, security, police, fire, and any other public safety personnel on-site
  • Set up our first aid station (if requested), including cots, equipment, signs, a tent, and more
  • Provide excellent care to all participants, including free blood pressure checks and CPR/First Aid demonstrations in our down time!
  • Assist private ambulance services and fire department if necessary


  • Follow up
  • Feedback Survey

Your Checklist

Have you obtained all necessary permits.
Are your event staff fully trained to respond to emergencies?
Do you have an event communications plan?
Have you informed Police and Fire Departments about your event?
Do your event staff has access to a fully stocked First Responder or First Aid Kit?

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