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Event First Aid and Medical services

Event EMS

Northwest First Aid provides comprehensive coverage of your event. Whether it’s marathons, fun-runs, music festivals, industrial, backstage, or on-set motion picture and television production; Northwest Response has a program that will fit your needs.

First Aid and CPR Training in Washington State

EMS Training

Our parent company Northwest Response offers ARC, AHA, ASHI & HSI approved training programs for all levels of EMS providers including Lay Responders for First Aid, and CPR/AED to Emergency Medical Response Teams (EMRs).

EMS AEDs sales and training Washington state

EMS Equipment

When looking to add an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) to your response capabilities, look to Northwest First Aid. We offer competitive pricing, and clients enjoy complementary training. Shopping local supports your community.

When your event is confined to a small area; a single station with two team members consisting of one EMR and one EMT may be sufficient. Check with the NWFA planner, or use our easy event estimator.
When your event covers a large area such as marathons (15k, 10k, 5k) or music festivals; it is highly advised to have a minimum of three team members on site. This will ensure that one EMR remains on station should EMTs be called away.
When you are planning events that cover very large areas, some customization will be required.  Northwest First Aid’s Senior Strategic Planner Michael Fearnehough, and Emergency Department Physician Dr. Sean Baxter will work closely with you to ensure that you have met the expectations of local, county and state permit requirements.

Why Choose Us

  • When NWFA is on Station we never leave your event uncovered
  • Highly trained emergency medical responders (EMRs) and technicians (EMTs)
  • Customizable team configurations to fit any event
  • Day of Event Staff Briefings and Training
  • Professional strategic analysis to assist you in planning your event medical response

Safety Alert “Hypothermia”

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Hypothermia HIGHLIGHTS When exposed to cold temperatures, your body begins to lose heat faster than it can be produced. Low body temperature may make you unable to think clearly or move well. You may [...]

Seattle “Seafair” Weekend is here!

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After several hours of prep, our Northwest First Aid / Northwest Maritime Academy/ Northwest Response Training & Rescue Boat has been converted to a USCG/AUX Facility to support the Seattle Seafair on the water events. (check [...]

The HeartSine® 350P Public Access Defibrillator

HeartSine AED Sales Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia
HeartSine AED Sales Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia

The HeartSine® 350P  PAD is lifesaving pure and simple that allows responders to quickly and easily deploy this lifesaving device. When you turn the unit on, it will guide you through the response process most anyone can use the 350P to save a life!

  • User-friendly. The samaritan PAD 350P features easy-to understand visual and voice prompts that guide a user through the process, including CPR coaching. Three large, easy-to-see icons facilitate the rescue process: “Attach pads,” “Do not touch the patient,” and “It is safe to touch the patient”.
  • Two-button operation. Only two buttons, ON/OFF and SHOCK, are required for straightforward operation.
  • Always ready. A System Status Ready Indicator flashes to show that the complete system is operational and ready for use. Device automatically runs self check each week
  • Over 100,000 Samaritans in public access locations today
  • Demo the Heartsine® in-house
  • Complementary Training*
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership
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