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July 20th – July 22nd, 2018

During the 3 event days; 2 First Aid Stations will be set up at 11:00am and open to 12:00am.

Should you need medical assistance please notify one of the Event Staff.

And remember in the event of a life threatening medical emergency CALL 911

Day Of Event First Aid Station Information

In The Event Of a Life Threatening  Medical Emergency Call 911REVISION_14_NWFA Logo

Call 911 if person is

  • Unconscious or Unresponsive

  • Experiencing a Breathing Emergency

  • Open Fractures

  • Uncontrolled Bleeding

  • Signs of Stroke Think FAST

    • Face – Arm- Speech- Time

The Northwest Response & Northwest First Aid Station Team is here at the request of the event management; it is our pleasure to serve you.

Please do not hesitate to call on us no matter what the need.

If we are not on station, we will be back soon, or we can be reached at
(253) 238-0519.

Did you know that Northwest First Aid is part of another Health and Safety Company? Please Visit Northwest Response.

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